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Quirky American Promo Video

The Brief

To cast and record an American voiceover artist for a promo video for a US company that sells unusual and unique gifts.

The Challenge

The key with this project was to get just the right style of delivery. The products sold by this company are quirky and slightly unusual. They were looking for a voiceover artist who could reflect that to some extent, without going too far into “wacky” or “comedic” territory.

The Results

We provided a selection of showreels from US voices who can sound a little unconventional. The client then narrowed this down to three choices. We asked these three voices to provide bespoke demos, with the client’s specific direction in mind. They chose Maria Pendolino, a young, highly skilled “millennial” sounding voice, with youthful energy and enthusiasm, ideal for this sort of read. The job was a great success and very enjoyable to produce.

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