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European accented Social Media Project for a logistics company

The Brief

To cast and record a non-English voiceover artist who reads in very clear English, for five social media videos.

The Challenge

To cast and record a voice artist who was not English, but who spoke in a very clear, slightly European accent. As this was over 12 minutes’ worth of voiceover, we needed someone who was able to maintain the accent throughout a long read., The voice also needed to be able to deliver a friendly and conversational read, rather than something too corporate.

The Results

We sent a number of options from various nationalities, and the client decided on a Scandinavian voice artist called Nina, who was a perfect match for the brief. She’s an excellent English reader, and is able to vary the amount by which her native accent comes through, which meant that during the course of the session we were able to hone it down to exactly what the client wanted, both in terms of accent and delivery.

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