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How much does a voiceover cost?

Each project is unique and is priced individually. We always aim to be very competitive cost wise. The cost of a voiceover will depend on the following factors: Session time required with the voice, the studio time required to complete your project (we have our own state of the art in-house studios) and the usage (internal corporate, web explainer, social content, TV or radio commercial, IVR, E-Learning, ESOL content etc.)

What is usage?

This is a fee that applies to some (not all) voiceover projects, for example TV and radio commercials, and relates to the degree of exposure that the voiceover will reach.

The best way to get an accurate quote is to contact us with as much information as possible and we will provide a full quote for you.

How do we make sure the voiceover is done in the style that we require?

This is a really important question! We really encourage our clients to participate in the live sessions, either in-person or remotely, via GoToMeeting, Teams, Zoom, Cleanfeed, Google Meets, Skype etc. This allows you to communicate in real-time with both the artist and producer, ensuring that the recording has the pace, tone and feel you require.

Your artists’ showreels sound great, but the style we require is quite specific. What can we do?

This is not a problem. In cases like this we can ask our voices to do a short, bespoke, free demo of part of your script. Simply provide us with some clear and precise direction for the voiceover demo. Usually this takes 24-48 hours.

What is the process of getting a voiceover done?

After receiving your enquiry and all the information we need, we will send you a quote with voice samples (either showreels or bespoke demos). Once you approve our proposal, we set up a live session time with you and the artist. We record the session, with you listening in, and then edit the audio files to clean them up and level match them (post-production) and send them to you via WeTransfer (or email if the files are small). If you have your own FTP we are happy to upload the files to that.

Do you supply voices in other languages?

Yes we do. Please contact us with your requirements.

Can you supply music and sound effects?

Yes we can! We have an extensive music and sound effects library.

I am a voiceover artist - How do I submit my professional voice reel?

We are always happy to listen to exceptional voices. Please email your Mp3 reel to studio@voiceovers-uk.com .We are particularly interested in Commercial and Corporate reels. Please don’t use the contact form for artist submissions.

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